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Our strategic and tactical focus, process and expertise provide a total solution for connecting diversity and inclusion for results.  Our goal is to provide innovative and proven diversity and inclusion strategies and tactics that connect to the organizational business plan resulting in greater revenue, profitability, brand awareness and competitive advantage.  Our mission is to make significant differences in organizational performance by creating more inclusive workplaces that value the contributions of all team members.  Our vision is to be the recognized diversity and inclusion leader for significantly increasing workforce, workplace and marketplace results.

We believe that diversity is critically tied to all aspects of business success. Diversity means the various ways we are different. It includes differences that are visible and invisible such as age, gender, ethnicity, and physical ability as well as differences below the surface like thought styles, religion, nationality, region, and education. Diversity leads to creativity and innovation.

Inclusion focuses on creating a workplace where differences are embraced and values, where respect for the individual is the foundation for providing every employee with the opportunity to develop their skills and talents so they can achieve their highest level of success, and so that society views a company as an organization it can support. Inclusion must happen in an organization's strategies, systems, processes, and practices. 

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Corporate Partners Network and our collaborators solution NOW programs offers a diversity management team.  While managing diversity is an increasingly vital process that encompasses systems, policies, and practices. The more diverse the workforce becomes, the more challenges and opportunities there may be to manage people and processes effectively. We will evaluate progress to document and provide feedback and make adjustments, as needed.

Corporate Partners Network understands the risks and challenges that today’s professionals encounter when navigating the job market alone. Looking for a place to thrive can be daunting with so many choices and not enough information. We remove those challenges for you. 

In fact, we’re in a unique position to champion your goals and lead you to the best jobs in diversity and inclusion. As the premier executive recruiting firm in Chicago IL, we can provide the support, guidance and connections you need to make a solid and rewarding choice.

CPN will become an agency where all employees are valued and have an equal chance to succeed. The Plan will enable the agency to measure, monitor, and assess progress in diversity management.

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Corporate Partners Network sets expectations, and managers and staff must be engaged in order for the agency to make progress.  As mid-level to senior management leads by example and fosters the behaviors that support a diverse and inclusive workplace, staff will have the confidence to follow their lead, and substantive progress will be made. Successfully managing a diverse workforce will increase CPN's organizational capacity in achieving the agency’s mission.

Corporate Partners Network expert HR recruiters use collaborative methods to assess business experience, skills, accomplishments and goals, and effectively market our clients to prospective employers.  Since the year 2011, we have developed our experience in connecting professional caliber standards with the best companies, we are both qualified and eager to help move career's to the next level.

A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds. A good deed is never lost; he who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love.

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