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Do not go where the path may lead, 

go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

Ralph Waldo 

Corporate Partners Network is a firm that works hard to actively listen to the needs of our customers. We realize that every organization approaches their diversity/inclusion efforts in a way that makes good sense for them. 

 Corporate Partners Network assist agencies that influence others to work and become involved with minority and female owned businesses, holds itself and others accountable for diversity inclusion, frequently participates in events or programs that promote diversity awareness, and creates or develops internal programs that promote inclusion. 

Our Collaborator Solutions Now Team, we have a few reasons to choose us as your (D&I) Diversity & Inclusion Partner:

Since 2011, we've assisted organizations by providing a systemic process and best-in-practices performance solutions focusing on optimizing the opportunities and complexities of the workforce, workplace and marketplace.

But most important - we are here to make you, our client and D&I colleague - more knowledgeable, more credible and more successful. Your personal and professional success is our success!

Diversity & Inclusion Consulting

Equality and diversity in the workplace are not just fundamental to a well-run organization, but they have been proven to lead to new innovations and increased growth. And yet, this crucial advantage is often overlooked or ignored by well-meaning leaders.  Collaborators Solution NOW diversity and inclusion consulting program can point out opportunities for better inclusion in your day-to-day operations and develop business environments that foster creativity and commitment from every collaborator.  

"We understand the concept of diversity as it impacts the organization—individual, group and work team, interpersonal, and organizational—and how all these areas interact.”

In addition, consultants must:

We understand the client's business.

We're able to connect diversity back to work processes and work design.

We understand what drives their own personal beliefs and biases regarding individual differences.

We understand diversity in the context of organizational and cultural change.

We understand systemic issues of discrimination, and apply a broad and expansive definition of diversity.

We discern the differences in the concepts of equal employment opportunity and affirmative action, and diversity and inclusion.

We understand both business and people issues, and be prepared to confront difficult issues.

We demonstrate constant renewal of technical knowledge and skills in the diversity area.